gvSIG starts incubation process

by Jorge Sanz on

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It’s almost official, gvSIG joins OSGeo incubation project,with Gabriel Carrión as project director and Jeroen Ticheler as OSGeoincubation mentor. But, what incubation means? It’s about starting adeep revision of the project workflows, code reviews and many otheraspects to pass the quality tests that the Foundation establishes.

To get more info about the process, please refer tothe OSGeoIncubator website.

You can follow the conversations (and arguments, you know)between incubation committee members in the IncCom mailing list, the firstmail message about the nomination is:

Incubation Committee Members,

I motion that the gvSIG project be recommended to the OSGeo board for
entrance into incubation with Gabriel Carrión as project representative
and Jeroen Ticheler as mentor.

Updated: 2022-02-27, Version: f993992.