Laser scanner, our great unknown

by Jorge Sanz on

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Qué será el láser escáner esteTwoweeks ago, Vehrkaand me went to have a delicious weekend at Cantabria to participate asteachers at a GIS postgraduate course where Geochenteand Elena, his colleage were teaching. By the way, whe had theoportunity to visit the headquarters (wow) of the business of Geochenteand Elena, GIM-Geomaticsand he shown us the toy they had bought to work. A laser scanner.

But, we are very angry with Geochente, becouse we are veryvery suprised and we think is a lack of consideration with our lovedreaders, that having that gorgeus gadget he hadn’t told nothing here!!Yes, we know you are a very very busy man, and you are getting thinneras your granma always say, but please take care of us!!!

OK, our northern friend, please you have to take an hour ortwo to tell us, geomatic people, what are you doing with that prettynew technology, wich is so promising. We are waiting…

Vehrka the teacher
XuRxO with laser glasses
Vehrka with cool laser glasses
Geochente, the smart boy
XuRxO and Vehrka enjoying Renedonight

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