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by Jorge Sanz on

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If you are reading that post from the osgeo planet, let us introduce ourselves. If you are a regular reader of geomaticblog.net you won’t find this post interesting, but we encourage you to read the planet, there lots of smart guys there!!!

We are three Spaniards and a Portugard (three living in Valencia and the other one in Santander) that work mainly with Geographical Information Systems (developing and using them), surveying, laser scanner and in fact working with a lot of geo stuff.

geomaticblog.net started in the summer of 2006 as a more or less geo-geek mind, talking about the things we love: cartography, GPS, GIS, remote sensing and of course Free Software.

The last year we’ve been related with the OSGeo Spanish Local Chapter, chatting in its mailing list and irc channel, trying to give some kind of support to the idea of having a real OSGeo presence in the Spanish spoken community.

We usually write in Spanish (it’s hard to find time, even to write in English!) and we are going to maintain that good habit but, maybe, from time to time we will try to write some posts in English if the content is really interesting and it worth.

Finally we want to thank Tyler and Mateusz for adding our humble blog to this great community. You are really kind, guys!!

Jorge, Pedro, Vicente and Eloi
The geomaticblog.net people

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