Back on the market

by Pedro Juan Ferrer on

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After several years working for the same company, working in the same project for a regional administration, it seems that all the money has gone with the crisis. Therefore  I’m back on the (labor) market.

Far from seeing this as a trouble, I see it as a problem and an opportunity, not just for me but for any company or project that may be looking for a good “man in the middle” on geo-technologies.

  • Good technical skills
  • Focused on problem solving
  • Good teammate
  • +15 years of experience in informatics
  • +10 years of experience in geomatics
  • Open source GIS oriented, but who also understands proprietary GIS software
  • With learning skills

Please put in touch with me at vehrka (at) gmail (dot) com

You can also check my CV (in Spanish and English) at

CU in this cartographic world, which is certainly smaller than the subject that tries to represent.

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