Comparing Oracle GeoRaster with PostGIS WKT Raster

by Jorge Sanz on

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If you are interested in WKT Raster or «raster-in-databases» in general, you should check the recent posts by Jorge Arévalo in his GIS4Free blog site. I specially love this quote (after a long write about how to add your raster into Oracle):

All things we’ve done to load our raster data in Oracle GeoRaster and create an index, can be done in PostGIS WKT Raster by executing these two lines

>" -r C:\orcl_tut\*.tif -t spain_images -s 4326 -k 50x50 -I  -o C:\orcl_tut\srtm.sql

psql -d tutorial01 -f C:\orcl_tut\srtm.sql

More awesomeness at  Comparing Oracle GeoRaster with PostGIS WKT Raster (II) and also at his presentation next week at FOSS4G.

By the way I don’t know why on Earth that blog is not at, I think I have to arrange a quick meeting between Mateusz and Jorge next week ;-)

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