Extreme cartography

People are coming home after a great Spanish FOSS4G meeting. There will be time to write about the event, here or maybe on my Prodevelop blog, but before that, I really want to share with you this nice piece of art by RealIvanSanchez and Vehrka. Planet readers follow this link as Planet software eats videos for breakfast.

If you understand Spanish, you should wait for the publishing of meeting videos and see the complete presentation of Iván explaining what Extreme Cartography means to him.

What will GEOHULK think about this?

2 thoughts on “Extreme cartography

  1. Seven

    Great! Just fantastic. This will broaden the perception of cartography as an inspiring and culturally respected art. You have all my respect!

    Best regards,

  2. vehrka

    Thanks Arnulf!

    We really thought it was a major error not having an Extreme video related to Cartography 🙂


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