First beta of UMN Mapserver 5

by Jorge Sanz on

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After some years with different releases of version 4, justappeared the first beta version (5.0) of the most spread FOSS4G webmap server: UMNMapserver. This map server stands out because of its velocityand cartographic quality. But, of course, it’s never enough,and it seems that there are news just in that issue ofperformance and quality of vectorial renderization. It seemsthat UMN Mapserver will use the AAGlibrary for that (I didn’t know that library).

Hereyou can see the release plan, with new features, who will work on itand if it’s funded or not its development.

Version 5.0 final is planned for the middle of September.

In Prodevelop, recently we have changed deegree by Mapserverin one project because our customer wanted better cartographypresentations, specially about labelling. In fact, the transitionbetween this two web map servers was smoother than I thought, eventhough we have used filtering encoding and style changing through SLDstandard. But this is another history I put off other post (unless Iconvince another contributor for the blog…Guiño).

OK, be sure that when we try this new version, if it’s goodenough, we will post about it.

Updated: 2022-02-27, Version: f993992.