6th anniversary!

by Jorge Sanz on

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all-vegan birthday cake!

Today this blog is six years old. That’s a lot of time and it deserves at least a small post to remind you this blog is still alive even if we don’t post a lot. Vicente is busy with his company, Pedro is busy with his recent fatherhood (his baby was born yesterday!!) and me, well I’m busy with my stuff ^_^. But we are lucky at geomatic blog because we have a lot of friends and from time to time we convince someone to join the family and post about what they love as Roberto our astronomer did recently about the summers solstice.

We will try to keep posting as we have time, energy and interesting stuff to share. In the meantime, follow us on twitter (we post interesting links from time to time there) and of course, if you are close to us and don’t have or want your own blog, you are invited to join the team and consider geomatic blog as your home for your geogeekery.

Congratulations to all the team!!

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