OpenLayers Cookbook

by Jorge Sanz on

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OpenLayers CookBook

I’ve been honoured to help Antonio to produce this book as a technical reviewer so I owe him at least a short note here (well in fact I promised him to do it!). Having the opportunity to review the book itself has been a great pleasure and an enriching experience, always with the help (and patience) of the Packt people over eight weeks of work. There are some good reviews of the book here and here so I won’t repeat what’s so well described there, take a look on them to see the contents covered and their (good) feedback on the book.

If you know some HTML and JavaScript and really want to get introduced on how to build geospatial web applications, I vividly encourage you to get this book and go beyond the basics with meaningful recipes that step by step, showcase the most important parts of the OpenLayers API.

In my experience, one can start from scratch with the examples but there are many concepts that is better to understand well, like the difference between formats, protocols and strategies (that I finally understood back in 2009, thanks to this great presentation by Tim Schaub). That and more is well covered through examples, really easy to follow and reproduce. Thus I think it’s a good investment to take a book and let someone to tell you how the thing works, isn’t it?

Ah, and as Alper has written on his review:

Please buy the book to support writer instead of downloading the illegal copies. This will courage more people to write this kind of books to support Open Source projects like OpenLayers.

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